Cycling Body Weight Chart

Racing cyclists often want to know what their optimal weight range is for their height. The below are taken from height and weight data of professional cyclists with national or international wins. Keep in mind that these are goal weight ranges for elite cyclists. 

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Data for heights lacking sufficient data samples are extrapolated from Body Mass Indexes (BMI) of other climbers and sprinters.

These figures relate to elite racers only and should be used only as a guide.

Master racers age 35 and older can add about 5 lbs to each category as a rough guide.

Weights for junior riders are not addressed on this table.

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One comment on “Cycling Body Weight Chart
  1. Dan in Philly says:

    Thanks for posting this info. I’ve been working to lose weight watching what I eat and pushing myself on rides. After seeing the standard height-weight BMI info available I was really wondering how someone of my height (6’4″) could be a healthy weight between 152 and 198 as advertised in a typical BMI table. Seeing where professional cyclists fall in at given heights gives some concrete data of what to expect your body to look like and how you can perform at a given weight.

    Knowing how fast those guys are I was expecting the numbers to be much lower. Thanks for bringing me back to reality. I’ll be cutting myself some slack as an amateur and work to be stronger in the saddle in the coming years.

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